Kart-Shade is the only portable, lightweight, easy to install, golf cart sunshade that works on ALL two-passenger golf carts – regardless of make or model.



Each package includes installation instructions, one 2” wide, fully adjustable, industrial strength rod; one rod-pocketed shade panel with stabilizer straps; and a handled tote.

For custom, bulk, or wholesale orders (minimum quantity 100 units) contact team@kart-shade.com for a quote.



Kart-Shade is designed for adult use, to help block the sun’s harmful UV rays by providing partial shade while you are seated in the cart.  You will continue to be exposed to UV rays when golfing outdoors. Kart-Shade will obstruct your vision when extended.  Slide the shade panel out of the way (back or forward) to prevent obstructing your view.  Kart-Shade is a soft fabric which does not provide any protection from incoming golf balls or other plantings, objects, or debris one might encounter on a golf course.  By using Kart-Shade, you acknowledge these limitations and risks and agree to hold harmless and release Kart-Shade, Kart Shade LLC, and its principals, distributors, or sellers from any liability of any nature whatsoever concerning your use of Kart-Shade.


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