Kart-Shade is lightweight and compact. It fits into a small tote (provided) which hangs over the head of any club in your bag.

About Us

Kart-Shade is lightweight and compact. It fits into a small tote (provided) which hangs over the head of any club in your bag.

Pat, who recently retired from a lengthy career as a registered Professional Management Consultant, is the inventor of Kart-Shade.  Pat and her husband Ed reside in Melbourne Beach, FL where they enjoy social golf, playing at different courses – often in the hot, Florida sun. Like others, they are concerned about sun exposure and skin damage that might lead to skin cancer.

After extensive searching, they determined that there were no golf cart sunshades on the market that were truly portable, and which would work on all of the different brands and models of carts used on the courses where they played.  So, Ed began experimenting with various designs to rig up something that would block the sun, provide shade, be lightweight, simple to install, easily transportable – and which could be used on ALL of the different makes and models of golf carts. He came up with some pretty tacky options.  Pat insisted on something that would look nice and professional and started designing herself.  In addition to blocking the sun’s harmful UV rays, she felt that it would be a bonus if she could design something that would also block rain and wind so that it would be of benefit in inclement weather.
That’s how Kart-Shade was born


Every time they golfed with a Kart-Shade on their cart, they were approached by starters, other golfers, and pro shop personnel. Comments like: “Wow! What a great idea!  Where did you get that?  I’d love to have one of those!  Our pro shop should carry those!” led to the securing of a patent and the formation of the Kart-Shade business.

After obtaining the provisional patent, Pat approached one of the country’s largest golf distributors to seek help in getting her product to market. This distributor agreed that it was a great idea and introduced her to a good friend and respected supplier of many years, Mark Hartwell.  

American Made

Kart-Shade is not just for golfers.  It’s a perfect gift item for all of the golfers on your gift list AND for folks who use a golf cart as a means of transportation.  It’s an excellent charity golf outing item, highly valued by event sponsors who can feature their custom logo on the shade or tote. And it’s a new and unique ad specialty item for businesses who provide golf accessories as gifts to their customers.  In addition to being offered through distributors, Kart-Shade is offered at many private and public golf course pro shops.  In fact, some golf courses purchase Kart-Shades and offer them for rent to their golfers for a nominal fee to produce an additional source of revenue. All of our direct-to-consumer sales take place here on our website.

Kart-Shade is proudly manufactured here in the USA!  We are so pleased to offer a “made in the USA” product that serves an important purpose and fills a true void in the marketplace.  We are very happy to share Kart-Shade with all of you.  Contact us with special requests or feedback!

Easy Installation
 No Tools Required

Kart-Shade is the only portable, lightweight, easy to install, golf cart sunshade that works on ALL two-passenger golf carts – regardless of make or model. And yes, in addition to blocking the sun’s harmful UV rays, Kart-Shade is also water repellent, and it blocks cold wind! 


Great accessory for EVERYONE who uses a golf cart on or off the golf course. And a unique gift item for business gifting or charity fundraisers.


Blocks against UV rays, rain, and provides wind protection


Bring wherever you golf or whenever using a cart


Fits all two-person carts and installs in seconds